The World’s first Sales and Marketing representation that owns and operates it’s own online booking platform that has been designed and tested from the bottom up by industry professionals with decades of experience.

We connect our Clients / Partners complete inventory on a secure cloud based environment for their existing and prospective client base.

We are your one stop shop experience to generate market specific incremental sales. Hosting charges as well as expensive maintenance fees and upgrades are now a thing of the past.


Travel Synergies provides support to its members in a professional yet friendly environment, knowledge sharing and best practices to propel the growth of both individuals and businesses. So whether it is sharing knowledge, training, or a roundup of industry events, we stay focused meeting training and mentoring needs that are based on industry requirements.


Through our rapidly growing TS Partner offices globally we connect any and all Hospitality industry entities such as Tour Operators, DMC’s, Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Transportation, Excursion providers and etc worldwide with our easy to use and robust system “Travel synergies online – TSO”
This will give our carefully selected partners the necessary coverage, exposure, ease of use, accuracy with real time information and data and most importantly exponentially increase your revenue.
As our slogan very accurately emphasises “Through our collaborative effort we function as one” in it’s truest form !


Travel Synergies provides a network that is unparreled in todays market and is a must have for any and all medium to large sized organization.


Gain visibility as our association executes its strategic plans to boost your brand’s presence in the travel and tourism industry. The alliance of reputable companies uses its collaborative strength to thrive beyond what it can attain individually. Bridging the gap between online and offline marketing, the members of Travel Synergies integrate their expertise to reach its target audience and spread awareness of the brand’s existence.


Generate and act upon business opportunities together with like-minded business people. Travel Synergies serves as a portal to link travel professionals who share the same vision and philosophy in business. Allowing you to strengthen existing partnerships and form new ones, networking also allows you to build your reputation.


Develop core competencies to optimize member performance in order to deliver exceptional results to organizations. From learning the fundamentals of the trade to filling knowledge gaps to offering training courses to stay abreast of the evolving trends of the industry and technology, the Learning Hub present the expertise to point your organization in the right direction.


Build a credible image to your well-defined target market through referrals. By means of recommending you to our string of esteemed contacts, this cost-effective approach is a guaranteed method of generating leads that results to increased sales revenue.


Obtain access to relevant information and valuable resources. Improve your business plan by utilizing relevant details from our reliable sources. Backed up by extensive research, we give you access to significant information which are vital to the entire decision-making process of every business.


Understand the market behaviour to meet the global challenges of the industry. Through our publications, social media updates, annual conferences and workshops, we will keep you updated with the latest trend that will enable you to identify market drivers and formulate an effective business strategy.